thankful for...

Logan: Mommy and Daddy || Watermelon || Chocolate || Rebecca (her baby, stuffed monkey) || Toy Videos

Scott: Family || Football || My job || Having what I need || Electric Blankets

Me: Sco and Lo. Family in general. || Health || Happiness  || Yoga Pants || Day dates

There is something so comforting in traditional list making. It's so different to pen thoughts down rather than to announce them on the spot, to truly think about them. That's why this year we pulled out some pretty stationary and wrote down 5 things each of us were thankful for, big and small. We turned it into an activity where we sat and really thought about the things that make us happy. This was especially nice to do with Logan. We discussed being thankful and how things that make life easier and things that we can't live without would probably be good things to list. We talked about why these things make us happy. Because of that, I find it particularly funny that Logan listed watermelon and chocolate. It literally couldn't be any more true. I appreciate her honesty, and her ability to be able to list these things on her own. She gets that from her Daddy-- who listed football second. Hahah... I love this little family of mine. And I am thankful for them not only on Thanksgiving, but every  other day of the year too.

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