today: my baby turned three

Today my sweet babygirl turned three years old. And though she talks and acts every bit like a pre-teen, I can't help but sit here in disbelief. 

But these photos are proof.

Proof of seasons changing. 
Proof of endless loving. 
Proof of a growing girl. 

My girl. 
My big girl.

It happens all too fast. 
Time, pleasepleaseplease slow down-- just a little.

Happy Birthday, Logan Greer. We love you more than anything in this world.


  1. Aww happy birthday to your little one! Hope she had a wonderful day. It's amazing how quick time flies by with them. My son is three too and I can't believe how fast he's grown up.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! My baby will be turning 3 soon too. Oh no! My baby is turning 3? That can't be right.

    1. my exact thought.. it goes entirely too fast!

  3. oh my goodness, what a beautiful little girl! happy birthday :) :)