^ Waiting in line to see Santa.
^ Picking out Christmas trees, and partaking in community festivities on maybe the coldest night yet this season. 
^ Found a tree at a new stop very close to home.
^ We participate in a holiday #NaturePalExchange and made some new friends in Seattle in the process. Hoe wonderful is this nature package?! Such a great seasonal surprise! 

*Hoping to document our package that we sent out to them soon.
^ These vintage plastic nativity lawn decorations have been on my grandmother's porch for as long as I can remember. They bring comfort and joy, which in December feels just right.

**I 'm playing a catch-up of sorts in documenting our photos here in this space. I've been using Instagram as my number one tool for photos and documenting, but I want to store them here as well, sharing a little more in-depth for our electronic family scrapbook. I'll be chipping away at the archives in the next couple of weeks clearing out the  photo albums in my iPhone. I'm also hoping to pull my camera out more, or maybe even invest in a new one.  Here's to hopes and dreams!

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