welcoming fall

We welcomed fall in by spending much of the weekend outside. We wore short sleeved shirts and jackets, shorts and rainboots. The weekend weather couldn't decide what it wanted to do, so we got a taste of everything. We heard rain at night and saw sun in the morning. This morning we got Starbucks from our favorite boy [pumpkin spice latte for me and a chocolate milk for logan-- the little stinker who eventually stole the last few sips of my latte.] Scott spent most of the weekend on the road as his team had 2 games, but we got our daddy fix each night before bed and one this morning. Thanks, Sco, again for our yumm Starbucks treat :]
This may be my favorite weekend picture simply because of this little bird mouth. She has been making this face since birth and I haven't seen it in a while. I am so happy that she still has it in her; although, she might find it ridiculously silly when she is older.

 Logan had a BLAST at the block part on Saturday. Here she is proud after getting her very first "face paint." She moon bounced, jump roped, ate cotton candy, and played and played. We also are proud winners of (4) aquarium tickets. How exciting! For two specific reasons-- 1. I NEVER [can't say that anymore] win anything, especially chinese auctions or anything requiring my name/ticket being pulled. I have have had really dull luck. Fingers crossed that things are changing! And 2. This was the gift I wanted to win most. We have been wanting to go to the aquarium but have been putting it off because we are trying to save money. But now... NOW we have a reason to go with no excuses! :] Just noticed: another silly mouth in this picture...haha.

To add to the fall flair in the air [poet didn't know it] we went and got a couple pumpkins too. It felt necessary. It felt right.

After a long day of winterizing the back yard and cleaning up the front porch, we took a few minutes to sit down for an afternoon snack...and a photo :]

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