falling for...

   Today is the first day of fall. We are very excited for it's arrival and everything that it brings.

Here is a list of some of the things that we are "falling for..."

      Logan's ever growing vocabulary. A few recent lines include:

"Daddy. Stay. Stay. I wuv you." Scott has been quite busy lately with his coaching internship and school that we haven't seen as much as his face as we would like to. Logan was not happy about daddy leaving to go pick up take-out 20 minutes after just getting home.

     "That’s a cute idea." Her response to me talking about the 'thank you' card we were going to make to our aunt and uncle for the lovely time we had on their farm and with their horses. 

"Baby’s so cute." This is pretty much said about any baby [or any child sitting in the front of a shopping cart for that matter.]

"I kidding." Lo's always kidding. Anything that she says or does that is goofy or remotely out of the norm is silly, and therefore she is "kidding." 

"Mommy...be careful." As I fill her cup with cider. I guess she thinks there may be some hidden danger within that gallon. 

      Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Starbucks has that thing down to PERFECTION.
      Boyfriend cardigans. 
      Fresh apple cider, pumpkins, and DIY fall decor [thank you interest for so much too much inspiration.]
      Home made soup.
      The color gray.
      Open windows.
      Spray paint.
      Blogging : ] Obvi..
      Ruffle Skirts.
      Block Party today! [My sisters street is having a block party with lots of fun things for kids and adults. We are all looking very forward to it..especially Logan! Pics to come..]

What are you falling for?

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