pumpkins need paint

Since we brought home pumpkins, Logan has been insisting that they need to be painted. She must have told me 20+ times that pumpkins need paint. I have tried to direct her attention to painting other things because after all, pumpkins aren't the only things that we can paint. We have painted seashells, wooden letters, branches from tress, rocks, empty containers, and just about anything else you could think of, but for some reason Lo was hung up on painting her pumpkin. So, I caved. 
And painted her pumpkin did she ever! 
She got in her paint clothes and went to town.
 She took her painting activity very seriously trying to cover the entire thing.
Stem and all.
 It was a gorgeous day to sit outside and paint. Lo loved every bit of it. She kept saying "thanks, mommy." My sweet girl..
 She also talked about giving her pumpkin "the perfect color."
 Success! Your pumpkin is perfect : ]


  1. This post makes me smile! I am a brand new mama to a 5 month old..but also a teacher..who loves decorating pumpkins with her firsties! :) I just can't wait to do this with my daughter.

    Too cute! I love your blog. :)


    1. Aww, how sweet! Congrats, she is adorable <3

      Thanks for stopping by, and for the love.

      I had my daughter painting [crayola water washable paints] at 7-8 months, granted she tried to eat the paint short into it. But it was still a fun experience for all of us!

      So you aren't too far away... ; ]

  2. the pumpkin is almost as cute as the photos you captured of her painting it!