preschool homeschool// week 9

This week, Logan was the least bit interested in doing her 'letter art' craft. She hasn't been herself lately, fighting a lingering stuffy nose, so I didn't take it personally. 
I let her work at her own pace and by the end of the week, she completed them. She did a good job despite her lack of interest. I'm thinking next week, we'll need to pull the paint out again. 
And maybe some stickers. 
This girl goes gaga for both.
She also goes gaga over stamps, and the fact that she can fully use them on her own. It's kind of hard to be creative with stamps though, so we don't use them a ton-- but I came across this one I had made in a course I took during my undergrad. It's supposed to be a tree. I'm thinking next time, we could use black ink and then color in the white spots to make it more of an activity rather than just an act of 'stamping.' Either way, I know Lo is game.
Logan is suddenly very into writing words. 
I prompt her on how to write the letters, then she does it on her own. 
She's getting better each day.
Our week would not be complete without a glue activity.  
Crazy Glue lady, hard at work.
Logan has been going to this book a lot lately. I made this alphabet book for her when I was pregnant. I kept it out of reach during her toddler years so it would still be intact for her preschool years, when the book would actually make sense to her. She loves it, and references it a lot. I've been clipping and printing things for her so she can make her own one day.
With Halloween this week, I wanted to have some semi-spooky themed things for us to do. Coincidentally, this week's letter was 'W' and logan was a witch for Halloween, so this book only seemed perfect to be our book this week. It's a really cute story about a witch who is told to be bad, but she just wants to be good. Lo has been having a similar struggle with her costume. People always ask her: "Are you going to be a good witch or a bad witch?" Her answer was always changing.
Here is my little witch as dressed up and ready to go with her favorite little princess.
We also mad some Halloween cards (some of which still haven't been delivered.) We made some last year and they came out so great that I decided we'd do them again. We used stickers, colored paper, paper tape, and cut out images from National Geographic magazine.
 And since card making is a favorite thing for Lo to do, we made cards for a party we had on the weekend. Logan did more writing.
Letter themed activities that we did: 
Q- counted quarters and played the quite game.
W- wrote words, did weather activities and crafts (which we will go more in depth in later,) whale research, dressed up as a witch (hello Halloween costume!)

Now that Halloween is over, we are eager and excited to incorporate all things Thanksgiving and Christmas related. 

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  1. How sweet that you made Logan an alphabet book while you were pregnant - it must be so satisfying to see her enjoying it now.