christmas shops are good for the soul


Last year we visited a local farm/market to take photos by the outdoor evergreens for our Christmas cards; and since that visit was such a success, we decided to do a repeat. Unfortunately, this year we were too early-- no tress were out yet. Nope, not a single one. The cute little side shop was though, so we ventured in committed to not waste a stop. To say Logan was overwhelmed is an understatement. An ocean of red, green, and glitter swept her in and she just floated along taking everything in. We did manage to get a couple cute 'holiday' shots of her. She even got a little time outside in the playground area to swing. Logan had been indoors for a few days nursing a cough, so this trip out to reconnect with society and get some fresh air was just what she needed. Watching our sweet little girl, at such a happy time explore and heighten her excitement for the holidays was just what we needed. A win for all.

There is a pretty funny video on Scott's instagram I took of Lo on the swings in which I misjudged the length between my face and her legs, and get kicked. 

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