nature in the home: sensory play

We've been admiring the berries on the tree in our front yard for the past two weeks now. We've also been brainstorming ideas for an autumnal inspired sensory bin for about that long. On Wednesday, these two thoughts collided and it was great. We combined our natural elements: acorns, berries, rocks, leaves, and a pumpkin (for good measure) with a few 'play mobil' staples and we were busy for hours.
In this little world there were concerts, surfs playing fetch with a dog and a frog, and a big strawberry shortcake doll bossing around a little strawberry shortcake doll. Life in this box was interesting and sweet. I'm glad I got to witness it.

Our berries have begun to turn pruney and dry out. We have big plans for the acorns though. Lo wants to find a way to incorporate them into our winter bin. She may be slightly obsessed with them. Especially since we found some with tops! Woohoo! It's the little things, really.

Here is our last sensory bin.

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