preschol homeschool// week 8

G.D.O // Z // E // B.I.P.F // L.M // A.H
Week 8 was a scheduled review week. We went over the letters that we have learned to date. We began to compile all of our 'letter art' projects to form an alphabet book. We pulled out dry erase books and worked on all of the letters in the alphabet. We reviewed with flash cards.
We pulled out our nature box and spent a great deal of time exploring the things in it and using it in play. You can see what we did here. We had the best time!
We read this short book and were inspired to do some of our own ballet dancing. Here are some favorite songs that we found to be fun (with different rhythms and speeds.)

"Winter Song" --Ingrid Michaelson & Sara Bareilles
"Still Into You" --Paramore
"Levi's Ballet" Ralphael May

We are thinking of signing Lo up for Dance lessons in the Spring. As you could imagine, she can hardly wait! For now, we'll just move to our own sounds here :)

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