november challenge-- 30 days of thankful: days 18-26

18. / / fall cozies 19. / / a little yoga lover 20. / / books that have taught me, and brought me closer to life and the people in it 21. / / a little superhero who gave up her paci with such bravery and confidence-- she makes me proud to be  her mama 22. / / my red messenger bag that once held diapers, bottles, and bibs 23. / / the color blue and how beautiful it looks on my sweet girl-- it also doubles as her favorite color 24. / / little writings-- this girl writes like a boss 25. / / a healthy eater-- always has been. these days, a salad is her most requested meal/snack-- she would eat it all day every day 26. / / spray paint-- and how it can be used on just about a n y t h i n g.

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