tricks & treats

Our Halloween was quite eventful. We saw family, trick-or-treated with cousin friends, and stayed out way past bedtime. 

Logan dressed up as her current favorite Disney princess queen, Elsa, from Frozen. You probably couldn't have guessed that one, huh? ;)

The middle of October she fell back in love with her, and it's been everything Elsa since. I should have known that it would be love at first sight the second this girl saw that blue dress. Blue has always been her favorite color-- anything and everything blue trumps all. Add to that those magical ice powers Elsa packs and I knew there was no convincing her otherwise. That's not to say I didn't try though. We tossed around costume ideas like: Annie, Zarina the Pirate Fairy, a Mermaid, and a superhero. But she was so persistent, and it is her Halloween after all,  so I caved. And because of that, we joined in the projected 2.1 million little girls across the country in their beautiful blue gowns, channeling their inner ice queens on Halloween night.  Grammy made Logan her costume with the prettiest fabric and the longest sparkly train. 

We had a great night and Lo looked and felt like the beautiful little princess that she is.
Scott and I went to a Halloween party dressed as a pirate and a nerd. 
Both were last minute costumes not using any pieces we had purchased for our original costume plans. 
Sometimes costumes made 5 minutes before walking out the door are the best ones. 

We ended the night sitting under blankets around the fire eating too many treats and a pizza dinner before bed.

A great way to send off our halloween. 

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