my favorite things pt.2 || stocking stuffers

1. A meaningful print to hang in her room-- rolled up, would fit perfectly in Lo's stocking.
2. Logan loves using the iPad at night when we watch some TV, her current pair of headphones are MIA at the moment, so a new pair may be needed.
3. I've had this pinned forveverrr. It would look adorable peeking out of Lo's stocking. This doll in particular is not available anymore, but the other dolls in this shop are just as adorable. 
4. This girl loves chocolate. We always love to try new kinds. I never bought this brand before, but after reading about the company, I was instantly sold. Check it out!
5. To have her very own nail polish would be everything for this girl.
6. These I also had pinned for too long. I love their cute little size and Waldorf inspired look. I will definitely be ordering a few of these for Lo.
7. Stamps are always too much fun for my girl. They keep her busy for quite a while too. A win for both her and I.

1. I love the look of this packaged soap-- classic, clean, manly. And sea salt anything is the best. I know Sco would be happy with this.
2. Beard oil is all the rage right now. We're curious to try it out. A stocking must!
3. Boston is both mine and Sco's favorite city. We've liked this map poster for a while now.
4. I like unconventional things for stockings and think this bag, rolled up, just may fit in Scott's. If not, it can go under the tree. Sco needs a new bag for work and I'm loving this blue.
5. Anyone who knows Sco, knows he loves coffee-- needs it to function, in fact. This shirt was made for him.
6. A Starbucks gift card: to support his habit.
7. Winter in PA is rough on the skin. I've read great things about this chapstick. We're going to give it a try.
and just for fun--  me ;)
1. I adore these shades. I never ever buy myself expensive sunglasses, but I may just spoil myself this spring. The top two are my favorite.
2. I pinned this a while back. It's so simple, but so not. I would love it on my wall.
3. This is my favorite shampoo, ever, for both myself and Logan. I used it on Lo's hair since she was a newborn, but as her hair grew longer, I stopped buying it because it was a lot pricier than our other go-to, Panteen. Now that her hair is a lot shorter, I'd love to bring it back into our shower.
4. I recently reinstated my gym membership, and I've been going to the gym regularly for the past couple of weeks now, with anticipation of continuing to exercise weekly. I bought a pair of cheapy $5 ear buds at the store next to the gym and they have broke on me already. 5 bucks, I didn't have high hopes. But, now I'm feeling like a good pair may be a staple for gym days.
5. This past summer I read a book, that wasn't from the kids section, a first in way too long, and I loved it! Couldn't put it down. I actually had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading. This book is by the same author. I'm not sure I can wait for christmas though!
6. I need a new sports bra. This one looks perfect and has received great reviews.
7. This bag is the exact one I posted for Scott but different in color. I don't really need a backpack, but I love, love, love bags. Plus how cute would it be to match my guy. 
8. I haven't worn a watch in years... I think it may be time. See what I did there... ;)
9. I've been using an organic pumpkin face scrub for the past month and I am loving the way my skin looks and feels. I would love to try out some different scrubs. This one looks great! They are a few DIY recipes on Pinterest I may try out as well.

***Disclaimer: Though I would love to buy e v e r y t h i n g  on these boards, they mostly will serve as inspiration. See more on my Pinterest boards.

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