santa cards

This craft was inspired by this post. The second I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect craft for Lo this holiday season. I love homemade kid cards. Each year we send cards out to friends and family. Logan had so much fun making these. We did them in stages because she got a little bored from the tedious gluing. I wanted them to be her project, so this was the best option for us. I had everything pre-cut and ready for her in an assembly line structure of sorts. I did simple shapes for easy cutting. The hats I cut freely so there is a little variation in them. All items I found at our local craft store.
To speed things up, I glued the face onto the paper doily, saving Lo a step in assembling.
We used light pink watercolor for Santa's rosy cheeks and a black marker for a drawn on mouth. 
After they dried, I got out some white paint for snow prints. That was Lo's favorite part. I think they turned out pretty great! We can't wait for December to arrive so we can send them out.

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