exploring the zoo || in fall

What I love most about the zoo is that regardless how many times you go, it always delivers a new experience. No two trips are the same-- at least not for us. We always learn something new, and the animals are never predictable and always surprising.
The eagle was sitting on a lower post this time around and we were able to get a good look at him which we have yet to do.
This trip we were most impressed with the Reptile and Amphibian house. We don't always go in, but I'm glad we decided to
This guy was pushed up against the glass staring us down.
Sco and Lo were captivated by the gators and crocs for quite a while. She asked so many questions and observed them for the longest. It was so cute to sit and watch the two of them discussing the similarities and differences amongst them.
The giraffes are always interesting and I could seriously watch them for hours.
Her is an obligatory shot of Lo observing an African Plain animal.
It's interesting to look back at photos from our previous zoo trips and see the different captures from them. The different perspectives and the difference in seasons; all beautiful.
You can see of our last two visits here and here.
It was a gorgeous day. Even the hippos were enjoying the weather. 
We snacked on french fries with Ketchup and drank lots of water.
Logan really really loved having Daddy to ourselves all day long. 
Always silly, this one.
And hip. Loving life with her sweet, yummy pop (that began to melt down her arm.)
These two were bummed that the polar bear was not around, but still, we sat here a bit and enjoyed the pretty blue water.
The tigers were out and about the entire day exploring the big cat crossing which is an overhead animal travel and exploration system. It give the animals more room to roam. It's such a cool thing for visitors and more importantly, the animals. You can read more about it on the zoo's webpage.
The zebras always look the same and don't ever really do anything exciting, but they sure are beautiful to look at. I'm always amazed by the perfectly colored stripes and the total perfection of their manes. 
Of course we couldn't leave without grabbing a few pieces of nature to take home. There were so many types of leaves all around. Logan mostly loved the ones that looked like hearts. We love taking advantage of our zoo membership. It such a simple outing with lots of opportunities. We hope to get back before the big chill settles in and winter takes over.

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