my favorite things || pt. 1

We have planned out a rather simple Christmas for ourselves this year. We've decide to focus more of our energy (and our money) on experiences rather than things. We have a couple of overnights planned out of town, along with a few other seasonal things. We are excited to focus on each other and spend time living in the moment, together, without distraction. Every year, Christmas build up is so exhausting, and then in a day, it's gone. I'm hoping to gain a more meaningful grasp of what the season is truly about: life, love, faith, and hope.

In keeping with the spirit and the joy that it brings, I thought it would be fun to group together some things I've been wishing for. 

1. This canvas tote has been sold out for entirely too long-- I'm hoping it gets restocked in time for Christmas ;)
2. I love the look of classic burberry, but this pink version has me swooning.
3. I have a bit of a blanket obsession, and every time I see this one, I find ways to justify why I need one more. Christmas should be reason enough ;)
4. I think this beautiful reminder in print would make an excellent addition, framed, to the shelf over my bed.
5. I've needed new glasses for way too long. I'll be spoiling myself tomorrow with new ones tomorrow. These are my inspiration.
6. Ever since I smelled this perfume in a magazine at my sister's house, I've had it on my list.
7. I've become a daily coffee/latte drinker and I would love a pretty mug (that's all mine) to drink from. I love the sprinkles on this mug and the handmade feel it holds.
8. This pillow is exactly what my bed needs. Like yesterday..

I'm linking up here to share my Christmas wish list. 

Add your own to the link-up or browse through for some inspiration for yourself or for someone on your list.


  1. I love them all!! Stopping by from the link up & I so love this style. Those glasses, that blacket & that mug. LOVE.


    1. thank you..
      in actuality, i wouldn't know what to choose first.

  2. Girl, you got some expensive taste, but I can't deny it's good! Love the tote and scarf! And the pillow is adorable!

    1. yes, i'm satisfying all the budgets here ;)
      a girl can dream.