exploring different cultures pt.1

I'm dying over this adorable thrifted banjara costume that I picked up for Lo. 
She is equally as excited, as you can see. 

In the past few months I've thrifted a traditional Chinese samfoo, a kurta, and now this-- all in Logan's size. 
Meant to be if you ask me.

In our homeschool preschool we've been exploring different cultures: where they live, what they eat, the languages they speak, and what they wear. We credit our monthly issue of National Geographic for exposing us to the best photos of people living every day life throughout different parts of the world.  

We've been using the magazine as a guide for our lessons.

We especially love the photos of people at celebrations across the world in their fanciest of outfits, always envying the colors + textures, + accessories most. 

This outfit is our favorite though. 

We danced around all morning perfecting on our belly dancing moves.

I'll be sharing more about our culture lessons in the next week or so. 
We have been having so much fun with them.

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