summer | | s t i l l s . . .

1. Admiring our newest treasures.

2. Simple. Beautiful. Daisy.

3. The littlest patriotic gal I know.

4. The first pepper of the season.

5. The pre-hutch photo that we gave new life to for Logan's room.

6. Glitter nails. Rock in hand. Typical Lo.

7. We've been swimming through summer. Wish time would slow down just a bit. I can't believe it the middle of July. Gah.

8. Logi Yogi. This girl has such an earthly heart. I adore her.


  1. Love all your photos. It's so lovely to see Summery images while I sit here shivering in the Southern Hemisphere!!!!!

  2. I love the little USA photo and my daughter sounds much like your little one, nature, earthy. Have a good week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia