beach time birthday

Our Jordy boy turned 12. And we couldn't wait to spoil him. We generally choose experiences over "things" so when it came time to decided how we were going to spoil our favorite boy, the option was clear. In the summer months (and even some fall/ winter) we are all about the beach. We could seriously go everyday if given the time and the budget. There is something so freeing about an unplanned beach day. We let the birthday boy make the decisions for the day. He loved having the power (within reason of course.) He's 12 now and feeling like such a man-- he got a henna tatoo as proof. Haha.. He rode rides that a sissy 11 year old wouldn't dare. Between the waves and the rides, he got knocked down,  tossed around, flipped upside-down and backwards. Manly for sure! We played in the sand, collected shells, ate boardwalk fries, drank lemonade, and got ice-cream cones. That same day there were volleyball tournaments and kids sand soccer matches going on down the beach. So there was plenty of entertainment. Logan went on a few rides herself, and was too feeling older than she is. I love seeing her on the same rides that my cousins and I went on in summers past. The first week of August we are going back to this same beach for a week. This trip was just enough to leave us wanting a little bit more. Come on, August. And Happy Birthday Jordan! (:

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