s t i l l s . . .

1. Seeing a lot of potential in this bin of scrap wood from the tiki bar my dad is building. Currently it's grouped with the bonfire wood. Thinking of doing something like this with the scraps.

2. Freshly picked berries. More of that in another post.

3. She loves chasing me in the pool. I don't know if the actual chase or the ridiculous sounds I make when she almost gets me.

4. Our first harvest. TONS of cucumbers!

5. Exploring the backyard-- one of our favorite things to do.

6. Tan toes, blue polish, perfect pool date.

7. The BEST salad-- Fresh mozzarella, walnuts, and craisins are it's claim to fame.

8. Thinking about our next sesame place trip and crossing more things off our summer 14' bucket list

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