in the yard || mean green garden

Yesterday we went out to our garden and picked our first bulk harvest-- cucumbers.
There were so many that Logan couldn't hold the basket any longer. 
  I say "we" a lot. That we includes Grammy and Pop too, who have put SO MUCH into this garden.
We've been waiting and waiting for the tomatoes to turn red. There are so many.
We are also growing squash, zucchini, strawberries, raspberries, cabbage, peppers, snap peas, and corn. 
This is our first year, so I'm curious to see what really grows. 
So far the snap peas and strawberries haven't been too impressive.
While outside, we walked around the yard exploring other beautiful things. 
This girl has been smelling flowers since before she could even say the word.
I am in love with this little outfit.
I love the muted pink in this flower.
Pre-pick of my garden girl.
And a backyard walk wouldn't be official without throwing around the wind chimes.

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