blueberry picking

I'm especially fond of impromptu Sunday morning outings--  this one takes the cake! Since we missed out on strawberry picking this spring, we took to the blueberry bushes at our go-to pick-your-own farm. I had never been blueberry picking, so this was a fist for all of us. Despite the hot heat that morning, it was so much fun. And the blueberries were delicious! 

We ended our visit with cold drinks, ice cream, and some play time at their playground. Judging by Logan's rosy cheeks before and after, it's safe to say that that mint chocolate chip ice-cream hit the spot.

We hope to go back to get more of those delicious berries. We'll see... For now, we are going to savor the memories from these photos.

How cute is this little set-up with the old door and the rustic "Enter" sign?

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