winter | | a mild day at the zoo

Last Saturday we spent the day the Philadelphia Zoo. The wether was nice and it felt great to be outside. It has been such a rough winter with bitter cold and more than our fair share of snow. Everyone was happy to be out-- even the animals it seemed. They were all so very active, including the polar bears who I've never seen do anything more than yawn maybe. We got to catch a glimpse of a little orangutang nursing with his mama, while his papa sat atop a lift with a soda box on his head. Winter will do that to you! I'm sure they can't wait to be out themselves. The grounds are still mostly snow-covered, but it is melting for sure. Logan was in her glory surrounded by some of her most favorite people. I think it's evident by the perma-smile she has throughout all the photos. We did remember to bring our zoo scavenger hunt check list that we made a few months back when we had our letter "Z" lesson in our homeschool preschool. Lo and Jordy had fun checking off the animals that we saw. Many of them were not out because of the weather. Some of the animals that we are looking forward to seeing at our next visit include the rhinos, giraffes, and lions.


  1. Wow that looks like a fun day!! I loved going to Philadelphia Zoo as a kid and I'm looking forward to bringing my own kids there one day but I have to admit it is very strange to see the zebra in the snow!! I hope it warms up soon. My family in PA are so sick of all the snow but my girls never get tired of looking at all the pictures. We'll try to send you some warmth!

  2. oh my, we too were like: whaaaat?!
    very strange, indeed.
    i have the best memories of going when i was little and it is so nice to bring logan there now.
    only thing missing for me there is the elephants-- they are gone now.