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Letters of the week.
I typically use these letter and picture coloring pages for review to to introduce upcoming letters. Coincidentally enough, the two letters this week were ones we haven't done yet. These pages can be found here.
I love when Logan get creative on her own. (Notice the waves at the bottom of the page.)
We love sensory play! We try to incorporate it in our weekly learning and are always brainstorming for new sensory play/craft ideas. We happened upon some Aqua Sand a few months back and we just now finally pulled it out, and I think it's safe to say it was love at first sight feel. 
Much as we love that, we too love glue in this house. Along with tape. A sticking agent theme? Definitely! I have tried to do one (minimum) grouping/sorting activity weekly. This one (Taste vs. Hearing) was great because Logan was able to do it on her own. The only one she was unsure of was the popcorn, because you can hear it and taste it, so we placed it in the middle. I thought this was a great observation on Lo's part.
These are gifts that Lo decorated for her cousin's birthday party this past weekend. I am semi-obsessed with her writing. I always love little letters. Logan was very proud of her work, and even more excited to deliver the gifts. 


  1. What a great week you had!! I love Logan's popcorn observation and your letter crafts are too sweet - especially the x-ray! I've never heard of aqua sand - it looks like lots of fun!

  2. yes, we really did! aqua sand is amazing-- definitely a staple play item for us!
    thanks for your kind words!