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The past few weeks have been a random of sorts. We've been all over the place, with our preschool homeschool. It's been reviewing, new exposures, and lots of creating. We celebrated a birthday, ate too much chocolate, and have done a ton of writing. This girl loves to write. 
We have been very diligent in keeping up with our compost. I love that this is something that Logan can be a part of. We began talking about composting, growing our one food, and where in fact where food comes from. I hope to create a lesson about this in the weeks to come as we start to prepare a spot in the yard for a raised bed garden. I currently have a few books about recycling and growing your own food on hold at the library. Composting has made us (adults especially) more aware of how much food we waste. So we are working on that too, with trying to buy in smaller quantities  and much of what we know will get eaten. Another added bonus, is that we've have been adding new fruits and vegetables to our diet.
Despite the unkindness of Old Man Winter, we have been trying to have out-of-the-home adventures. We went to Princeton University Art Museum one Saturday and fell in love. It's the best there-- they are family friendly and have an abundance of programs to get children involved. Plus they run on donations. The event we went to highlighted a Monet piece and then had paper, tape, scissors, and crayons out for the kids to make their own version of the painting. Logan loved it. We did to. It turned into a day of campus walking, book store hopping, and a delicious Qdoba lunch.
We have been on many indoor treasure hunts. 
This one we made anticipating warmer and sunnier days. 
Come on spring!
We've been pulling out these number flashcards (Logan made a while back) for number recognition. We have 2 or 3 letter lessons left then we are going to move on to focused number lessons, with letters tossed in weekly as a review.
I love anything Paper Source, and these masks couldn't be any more perfect.
These masks we made for Lo's superhero party. We wanted to throw in some girly touches to an otherwise boyish theme. Lo didn't mind one bit. She loved everything. Especially her Miss Captain America costume. We are so thankful to our friends and family who supported the theme showing up in superhero tees and capes. Such fun!
Miss Captain America in all her glory!

Things we are looking forward to:
^  Beginning number lessons
^  Making a fairy garden
^  Friends birthday parties
^  Earth Day
^  Going back to the zoo
^  Outdoor adventures

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