walnut and 22nd

City parks: they are sort of our thing-- parks in general, really. I love being around different people doing different things. I find it so inspiring. A filled park is one full of endless possibilities. This day in particular, was one of the first breaks in the weather and people set out to enjoy it. There were artists painting, performers singing, and little ones dancing. People were on bikes, and skates. Others were running, skipping, hopping--  just happy to be out. There were old friends catching up,  people reading, while others were just simply reflecting. We got iced lattes and sat on a bench in the sun. We stumbled upon a cute little vegetarian shop and had the best tuna and the freshest salad. We people watched and explored. We filled our lungs with fresh city air. It was just what we needed. Now that spring has finally sprung, we anticipate many more days like this.

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