franklin institue

"50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic"
Some of my favorites, including her.
The pendulum staircase
Boys and trains..
The giant heart.
Dear friends of ours drove three hours to be here for Logan's birthday party and to spend time with us. Scott and I managed to get a kid-free afternoon the day after the party. We ventured into the city. We ended up at the Franklin InstituteWe made great time, found the best parking, and escaped the rain. We even found ourselves eating at the same restaurant twice in one day (definitely a first for me!) We day drank, had the best conversation, and laughed way too much. Sco and I were overdue for a day like this. 

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  1. It sounds like such a lovely day and seeing the Franklin Institute brought back memories of a girl scout sleep over we had there when I was a kid. I loved that giant heart!!