witching hours

This year Logan decided she wanted to be a witch for Halloween. It's all she talked about since mid September. So naturally, after putting on the final touches to her costume, she decided she'd rather be a ballerina. "I changed my mind, mommy. . ." --what a stinker! With much persuasion and maybe even a little bit of bribery (a few m&m's and this girl is SOLD!) she changed her mind back, and is over-the-moon excited to be a witch. It will be a surprise to us all tomorrow if she goes as a good witch or a bad witch, as that changes daily. She sure has the faces down for both and she sure makes the cutest little witch either way. So good or bad is okay with me.

I love being able to make a costume for her. I feel like by doing so, she is able to feel truly special and look as unique as she is.

I also made her costume last Halloween, and the style of it provided as my inspiration for this year-- you can see it here.

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