bay and beach

Monday Scott took a "sick day." He's been battling allergies or a cold, not sure, with lot's of stuffy nose sneezing and mouth breathing at night, so a day to devote to nothing but relaxing and resting was in order. I think only half of that occurred, however. We decided to spend the day outside, with some fresh air for all. This is how we spent it. We hit up the play ground at the bay coast (brilliant idea) and the beach. We brought lunch, a blanket, and our camera. The weather was perfect with just enough of a coastal breeze mixed with sun (we've got the sunburn to prove it!) Logan was extra stoked because she brought with her, her best little love, 'Maddie Gilbert.' She had a blast sticking her "toes" in the sand and showing her the waves for the first time. It reminded me much of myself and when we brought Lo to the beach for the first time at not quite 3 months old-- so much excitement, so much love. We dipped her toes in the sand and sat with her for what seemed like forever watching the waves. Beach days have become our most favorite go-to family adventure. We love the calming sounds of the ocean, the wind in our hair, and searching for treasure.

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