preschool homeschool// week 4

Week four, and the first week of fall. In honor of that we spent a lot of time outside exploring. Logan had always been a big collector: sticks, twigs, rocks, leaves, shells, and sometimes handfuls of mulch; so it only made sense to document her little feet and legs that ran all over scouting out the best nature finds. Here is my happy girl in her happy place.
We finally busted out the nature journal for some documenting-- Lo's favorite thing all week. We talked about leaves and their colors and the color change. This is definitely the most interesting fall thing, nature wise, as far as I'm concerned. Lo agrees. I over heard her in the back seat with a cousin explaining all about the leaves colors and her journal. Proud girl. Proud mama.
We of course had to celebrate Fall with a pic for the refrigerator. Sadly by the end of the day, our leaf people had rolled up and fell to the ground. It was good while it lasted though :]
Our letter this week was Zz. 
Zz for zebra, zipper, zoo, and zoe! (our dog.)
Another great printable found here.

This "Crayola" Zoo cling activity, I picked up in the Target dollar section. It's even cuter than I had thought. Lo kept herself busy with this for a while. It also came with additional stickers that we used to create a scavenger hunt for our zoo trip next week. 

Because the letter this week was Zz, I decided what better time for Lo to figure out how to master her very own zipper. And as if the weather knew my plan, it assisted with having us need a light "zip-up" sweeter more days than not. I love when life works out how it should. It's the small things, really.

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