preschool homeschool// week 7

Our letters for the week were A and H.
We took a trip to a local lake and hung out, as Lo's cousins fished. We collected leaves and sticks, and even colored some. I was so happy to have brought along some markers and a coloring page, as we stayed longer than I imagined we would. It was a gorgeous day so we didn't mind at all.
Logan attended a cousins first birthday and brought home this little fish. She loved watching it swim around in the bowl. We later dropped him into our family's fish pond. 
We will be sure to look out for a bigger him in the spring.
Our astronaut discussion lead into a discussion about flying saucers. Logan had recently watched a Caillou video on my phone where Caillou thought he was seeing a UFO, only to discover it was just a tin pie plate blowing in the wind. That was our inspiration for this craft. I love finding opportunities to take what she watches on a show or in a movie and turn it into real life. 
So, though this was a bit off topic, we went with it anyway. 
Logan also loved being able to get her hands on the hot glue gun (with help of course!)

We also did a lot of counting and sorting activities this week. 

For counting we rolled a dice, counted the dots and matched it with that many acorns that we just so happened to have lying around. 

For sorting, we sorted clothing by colors and whites. We also sorted like colored toys into piles. These are two activities we added to our list of sorting and counting activities, as they were a big hit.

We worked on setting the table, and pouring drinks.

We continue to spend a lot of time outdoors visiting parks, taking walks, and just hanging out throwing around our self-crafted flying saucer. 

Before we know it, it will be too cold for these things.

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