preschool homeschool// week 6

This week we were able to get back into the grove, in terms of school work. Having things come up, and this program falling to second string, was a worry of mine when deciding to do a homeschool preschool for Lo's first year, but I've come to terms with the fact that 'life' will always come first. There will always be things that sometimes are more ideal for current situations and things that work out better for all when run (off) schedule. In my opinion, the most effective form of learning comes with life experiences and for that we are grateful. We are so lucky to be surrounded by many people who love us and want to spend time with us. We have tons of family and friends and Logan is so  lucky to have many her age. We have regular playdates and some of Lo's dearest and favorite friends are family. We also do a lot of outings in the community. Logan loves to be on-the-go. She asks tons of questions and makes her own little observations. It makes me know that we are doing the right thing. So, as important as this preschool homeschool work is, it is also important for me to have her out experiencing different culture and ways of life along with bonding with children her age.
P (inspiration here) and F were our letters from last week. We studied them this week since they were neglected last week. I have incorporated 'review' days into our schedule and plan to further explore the letters then.
Our letters this week were I and B (inspiration here.)
We've read a book of Nursery Rhymes. 'Baa Baa, Black Sheep' and 'Old King Cole' were her favorites from the collection. 
Lo painted a platypus which was also a new animal she learned about.
Printout found here.
We had lots of outside time, including two park trips. 
This girl could 'park' it up for days.
We worked on Police Safety. Logan loves to glue and read, so this activity was a double win as far as she was concerned. 
We also did some painting. I assisted with the shape design. We used a toilet paper roll and black paint on a canvas. Inspiration here.
Logan loves to paint, all day, everyday, so this piece was a favorite for her. I worked side-by-side with her, and we are so happy with the finished product.
Logan loves matching activities. This one was self-care related. We talked about hygiene and the importance of things like hand washing, dental care, and cleanliness in general.
I just had to capture her letter tracing and color pages from this week and last because I am loving her color choices these days. P, B, and F she did on her own. The letter I she had help from her Grammy. I at first found it so interesting that in a pencil case full of colors she tended to gravitate on her own to the same ones, then I realized that they were the scented ones. This girl and her sniffer! She cracks me up.


  1. I love your activities this week! That painting is stunning!

    1. we had the best time. lo is so proud of her masterpiece. we have it displayed in her room. it turned out much better than i thought. thanks for noticing! : )