summer adventure// princeton

Priceton University is our favortite go-to spot when we want a getaway when we don't necessarily have the time and/or money to actually get away. We've been bringing Logan since she was a wee little baby, and now that she is old enough to appreciate it, trips are that much more exciting. See our last visit here. Lo loves running through the old campus and hiding in all the nooks. She loves the tiny archways, and castle-like structures. She also loves that we sometimes allow her to sneak a peak inside the buildings. We do too love all of that as well, however, Scott and I are definitely more partial to outside campus lunch and shopping. Since this visit in particular was on my birthday, we did a little bit of both. Aside from a dull sky and slightly warmer temps than we would have wished, we had such a good day with the kids. If it isn't obvious here, Lo goes gaga for her older cousin, Jordan, and him for her too. She loves him more than chocolate. 

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