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Our letter this week was Ee for earth.
This week during our Earth lesson, we were talking about the moon and it's location in the universe compared to earth. This craft was the beginning of a moon phase lesson we will be working on. Logan is really interested in the moon, often asking questions that I find myself googling to answer-- so I wanted to definitely do a fact filled lesson on it. 
She currently can label a half moon, full moon, and crescent moon. 
She also can draw a mean moon, with craters and all. 
I'm still exploring ideas for our moon lesson. I don't want to go too in-depth for a 3 1/2 year old, but I do want to provide her with more info since a strong interest is present. More of that to come in the next few weeks.
Moon Phases printable found here. 

Logan worked on matching capital to lower case letters. We made this game with milk caps and a laminated printed out alphabet on card stock. I find she does better with the more obvious letters like: x, k, s, u, w, y, and z. I also found that if I have her do those letters first, then there are less options for the others, and it makes it easier. I plan to use this letter match weekly for better recognition.
Inspiration for this idea, here
More brilliant and simple milk cap inspiration here.

For a counting lesson, I was really inspired here. Logan loves ice-cream and picking fun flavors, so once I labeled each color a flavor (white=vanilla, green=mint, white with black polka dots= chocolate chip, blue=cotton candy, and brown=coffee) she couldn't wait to get creative with making  ice-cream cones. I took this out for her as I was preparing dinner, and Logan got through 1-7 within the matter of minutes. I did 8-10 with her because at this point she wanted to make all of the cones with manymanymany scoops. Logan seems to be a visual learner. She wow's me with how she can often look at things and tell me how many are there without counting them out. My hope with this activity is that she will strengthen her number recollection and practices out loud counting slower.

Like ice-cream, Logan wishes she had access to tape all the time. Today her wish came true and she was able to tape how much and however she wished. I think she did a pretty good job with these painted elephant pictures we got out of a National Geographic magazine. The elephants helped with the letter Ee lessons. I also printed out an African Elephant for Logan to paint and assemble here. We'll be using it in our lesson next week too.

This week we had two playdates with our best girls. Here are pictures from the first one. The girls painted pumpkins, made a caterpillar craft, and decorated cookies. I think it's safe to say they had the best time.
 Caterpillar collage found here.

Our book of the week was: Room on the Broom, written by: Julia Donaldson. This is new to our library, from our book store date night this past week. Lo's pick-- a good pick too. We've read it just about every day, and we we weren't reading it, it rested safely on Lo's nightstand.

We don't watch much TV, so I like to find little clips and videos that coincide with things current with our life and learning. I love pairing a book with a video-- Lo does too. We were able to find an animated short on Youtube here. It goes right along with the book. Lo really enjoyed it.

Logan decided she wants to be a witch for Halloween, so we have been on the lookout for all things witchy. She has been super obsessed with "Sofia the First-- Little Witch episode." She watches it daily. And with credit to the episode, she's been putting Hex's on everyone. She makes such a good little witch. We have a Halloween countdown calendar posted on our refridgerator where Lo X's off a day every morning. Needless to say, she can hardly wait.

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  1. I think our girls would get really get along - my oldest has just told me that she wants to be an astronaut so we'll be following your moon lessons - it was spurred by the Usborne book "On The Moon" - Logan may like it too. Room on the Broom is also a favorite here and will be our Halloween book of the week. Looks like you are having a ton of fun in your homeschool!