preschool homeschool// week 1

This past week was our first week of Preschool Homeschool. Logan was both interested and intrigued with the entire learning process. We started with the letters D, G, and O (idea found here.I'm finding that Logan is more into the whole gluing, cutting, and painting aspect of it all more than anything else. This comes as no surprise. This little girl is an everything-art babe. So naturally that is what we tend to spend a lot of time on. And that is fine with me.
We worked on grouping things into day and night categories.
We did some painting too. Logan's art skills are expanding dramatically. I love how she outlined the dolphin in red first. She is beginning to paint with a purpose and it is so fun to watch her truly blossom into a little artist.

We read many books daily, but each week we will focus on one book specifically and base some of our learning and play around the concepts within it. 

"My Garden" by Kevin Henkes, was our pick this week.

We checked this book out of our local library. It is a really cute and imaginative story where a little girl describes how her garden would be if she had one. There are many activities online that go with this book (which I of course found after our week with this book was over. Fail.) We did however, create our own garden. We looked around for a few random things to glue onto out garden. Lo put some of her favorite things including watermelon, a button, and a shell. She had a lot of fun with the craft and with this book.

 I decided to print out some upper and lower case letter pages for the days when Logan wasn't into structured activities. I'm glad that I did, because on Wednesday, she woke up grumpy. Basically our entire day was nothing more than cuddling, reading, and some afternoon painting-- and that's okay. Logan did a terrific job in staying in the lines. 

We also worked on counting 1-30 and sorting objects by color. We went swimming and to the park. We learned about peanut allergies and why some people cannot eat nuts because of it. Random I know, but Logan was watching "The Game Plan" with her cousins one night, and the little girl in the movie had a peanut allergy. Logan had been borderline obsessed ever since.

For Sensory Play we took out our O is for Ocean bin. We talked about the different animals that live in the ocean. The octopus was used in our Letter Art for the letter O.

I'm so proud of this little girl, and more than happy with my decision to take the time to teach her myself this year. We are both equally excited of the weeks to come. 


  1. very cute!! love this! I did/do a "homeschool" for preschool with my kiddos too!

  2. That dolphin turned out so beautifully and I love your ocean sensory bin! Looks like your preschool homeschool is off to a fabulous start!