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I really tortured myself with the whole preschool decision. I feel like once Logan exited her toddler years and became a preschooler by definition, the topic was inavodiable. But my feelings towards it were not. I did not want to send my 3 year old off to "school" especially if I didn't have to. Right now I am home with her, all day-- what better teacher than her own mom.. I just couldn't help but think that she is still so young, and that she had the next 20+ years to spend in school. After much debate, with head and heart (and other preschool parents,) heart won. 

It seemed like the main reason for needing to send her to preschool was for the social aspect. That was where most of my fellow preschool parents justified the importance. But then I thought: We are very active in the community. We have a huge family with lots of love and support. We have weekly playdates with different friends and cousins, we frequent the park and the library. We send Logan to swim lessons in the winter, and she plays soccer in the spring. This girl is way more than social. 

And aside from all of that, it is so hard to try to find somewhere that has the same values and methods to teaching your child as you do. Most of the places where I would l o v e to send her are just not affordable to us now. 

With much research and inspiration from other mama's on the web, I decided that homeschool preschool was the best option for my child right now. 

Next year, we'll explore it again, and go from there.

I decide to take advantage of the summer off and plan out a structured curriculum schedule, this way if something arises with my career search, I have everything set up to hand over to my mom (who would be watching Lo throughout the day) and Lo's learning wouldn't be interrupted. 

The areas that we are focusing on are:
Cognitive Skills and Math
Literacy and Language Arts
Science and Natural Studies
Life Skills
and ART of course

I use this list here as both a guide and inspiration. 
I also found Pinterest to be more than useful. 
Here you can find my preschool homeschool board. 
And here is my craft board where I have pinned many things for future lessons.

Links? Crafts? Books? Experiences?
I am very into this entire process and welcome any and all ideas others have.

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  1. I'm so glad you found my list useful - thank you for linking to it. I'm now following your pinterest boards. I hope you have a great first year of homeschooling!