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I have been slacking on the start up of year two of our preschool homeschool. I'm having such a difficult time getting into a grove of sorts, finding a rhythm. Most of our lessons thus far are very random and the bulk of inspiration has come from life (as it happens) rather than a thought out planned curriculum.  Last year I was so, soo organized, especially at the start, so I know my potential, and know I am not fulfilling it.  I'm slowly, but surely progressing, but [gah!] it's hard. 

But things are definitely interesting, and still happening very much so. Over the summer we visited a nearby creek and brought home a few tadpoles and two snails. A few days later we noticed what appeared to be eggs on the sides on the tank. Weeks later, the snail population has grown rapidly. Logan loves studying them, our little pets. She loves to watch them float to the surface from the bottom and glide over to the wall and stick to the sides. We have done a few theme related projects inspired by the little guys. I myself am learning more about snails I ever cared to know and Logan is quite the expert herself. 

We are having weekly playdates and story times. Logan plays soccer two times a week, and will be starting up Yoga again soon. We try to have a family outing a week. Scott's work/school schedule is pretty intense and we are still adjusting to not having him with us on the weekends.

We have been reading like crazy. Lo has always had a love for books, but lately she's been craving them more so. She is so super curious-- about e v e r y t h i n g, always inquiring. She is very into pretty and princess, and spends countless hours playing with her dolls. I just had to apply a fresh coat of paint to her dollhouse because it has been getting so much use it was beginning to look grimy. 

I still keep our TV time to a minimum, but this girl has become obsessed with watching YouTube toy review videos on the iPad. It's a bit bizarre I must say, but she has become a little toy expert-- and watching her in the toy story is sort of the best thing ever. She picked up a few new toys she had been stalking and plays with them all day long. She has suddenly become this playing fool. Her imagination is impressive and her attention to detail scares me. She is completely cool with keeping herself busy. I love how laid back and chill she is. It's really one of her greatest qualities.

With new stuff coming in, we have been going through old unused items and gathering them for donations. Logan is very into how other people live so we've been discussing real world topics like hunger, poverty, and illnesses. We discuss the virtues of God and explore them daily. 

This girl is such an old soul-- she gets it. She is such a joy.

I am so happy with my decision to homeschool preschool her for one more year, regardless of the quality of disciplined lessons. The best part of homeschooling is being able to make your own schedule, and allow life to happen naturally. 

Thats what I'm aiming for in this second year of our homeschool preschool-- 
natural, happy, healthy, whole learning.

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