play, all day

This little girl of mine could play for hours...in fact, some days, she does-- all day long. Her imagination is packed with so much creativity. She's always brewing up some idea or story and is so resourceful with incorporating all types of things into her play.  She is so in love with her toys these days, and it is the best thing ever. She makes up the greatest stories and her characters are so kind and nurturing. The way she has her little dolls handle their situations and polly pocket/princess emergencies makes me proud as a mama. Though they definitely have their fair share of drama, they handle it in a classy manner...most days! Oh, the drama makes me laugh too: "It's okay, you are nice, you were just not made for me." or "Well I would like to work at Home Goods too, Mother Gothel." Say what?! I love to sit and watch her play. Today I took some photos as keepsakes of this cherished time that I want to always remember.

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