apples and pumpkins

This was our third time getting apples and our second time getting a pumpkin. Logan and I have become total farm girls this fall, visiting weekly. We are love, love, loving fresh local apples, eating them daily. They are so, so delicious this year and the tress are plentiful, so every week we venture out to pick more. 

This time around, Logan was exactly feeling it as you can see in some of the photos. 

Our initial plan for this day was to be a day in the city touring museums, but a call from our mechanic explaining that Sco's car inspection was going to cost double than what we had budgeted out changed our plans. 

Total bummer, but we made the most of our day. 

We always love visiting the farm anyway, and having daddy with us was the perfect opportunity for Lo to take home that "super big" pumpkin she's been wanting to take home since our first visit. 

It was a cloudy day and they were calling for rain and storms around noon. We headed out early to dodge the weather, and coincidentally we dodged any crowds too. 

We had the entire wagon to ourselves both to the trees and patch & back. It was so nice, and such a change from our last visit with family when we were crammed next to each other on itchy bales of hay. 

Lo thought she was so cool sitting by herself. 
How soon that coolness takes over...miss independent. 

We brought home 5lbs of apples and the most perfectly round 20lb pumpkin for carving. Logan and daddy can't wait to tackle that project :) 

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