t h e s e d a y s// b+w

There is lots and lots of growing going on over here.

A growing girl.
With a growing brain.
Expanding vocabulary.
Intensifying attitude.

Long hair, eyelashes, and toes.
And a mouth full of teeth.
Plates full of fruits, veggies, and tall glasses of milk. 
(Oh, and a cake pop, too!)

Countless baths, long naps (still,) and barbies galore.
An ever growing library.
A big girl bed-- finally!
And a nature box that would impress Mother Nature herself.

This girl is the best.

I've been trying to write down the little cute things that this girl comes up with. You know, the things that literally stop me in my tracks. This girl.

Here are a few worth documenting and sharing:

-When not getting her way, Logan angrily hollered: "Fine, I'm going to Florida! ...with Daddy--  and he is going to stay there!" She did later come back and apologize and make it known that she was not going to Florida without mommy. Phew! That was close ;)

-Yesterday, Logan asked me if the movie that the big kids were talking about was "propriate" and if she could watch it.

-Lo's latest thing is making baby pterodactyl sounds at the weirdest times. For example: 

"Look I'm not sick anymore, [insert pterodactyl sounds]" 
"Look I'm finished, [insert pterodactyl sounds]"

While out at Starbucks, after Logan made her baby pterodactyl sounds, Scott asked where she learned that, and she replied: "Jordan... Of course." Jordan is the silly random cousin, who in reality probably did not teach her this, but if any of them did, he would be the one we would all guess. Sometimes this girl seems wise beyond her years. Her wit and mature knowledge of a joke astounds us. We laughed and laughed and laughed. 

-In response to Scott’s yawn. Logan: “Somebody’s tired..”

-As I walked in the door from the gym. Logan: How was the gym, Mommy?

-While answering a question Logan was asking Scott, she interrupts me and says: "Mommy, I was talking to daddy." [And so it begins..]

-She is always telling her cousins: "I've missed you" and "I'm so happy to see you." 

- Anything big or oversized, we call "king daddy."

-Lo has the cutest little raspy voice. I always though that as her mother I was biased, but lately, people have been telling me all the time. The most random of people too.

These days, Logan's favorite things are:

Random shows on Netflix. Her latest favorite is "TroTro."
Trips to the library.
Swimming with goggles on. Always.
Homemade frozen yogurt pops.
Her stuffed dog "Boggs" and "Stripey" (blanket) are her favorite material loves.
Watermelon is still her favorite and most requested food.
She still loves chocolate, and prefers it over any other sweet treat.

There is more I am missing, I know. 

This little girl is full of so much more than her years. 
She both surprises and amazes us everyday.

center picture credit: beyond measure 

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