summer: fresh picked fruit

We love fresh fruit. We love even more to pick our own. Here's why..

"One way to jump-start eating healthier and more pleasurably, while burning fewer fossil fuels: Pick your own. Buying from a local farm eliminates the carbon costs totted up in "food miles," the distance food is trucked or flown from farm to plate. Locally grown produce travels an average 56 miles from farm to institutional markets, while conventional produce travels an average 1,454 miles, or almost 27 times as far, according to a study by the Iowa State University Leopold Institute for Sustainable Agriculture. When you go to the farm, you're getting the fruit at its freshest; while it's true that you've travelled, and not the food, well...you've still supported a local farmer, which strengthens the local food system."-- Source

We also find it important to model and demonstrate healthy living for Logan. Children are sensory learners and learn best with experience. Picking your own fruit and vegtables builds a strong foundation for beginning to understand where some of our food comes from. 

Logan loves picking fruit and being able to share it with family. We pick enough to eat, enough to share, and enough to be able to make a sweet dessert. 

This time around we found a new pick-your-own spot, and we plan to have many more return visits.

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  1. What a blast! I love fresh fruit picking, and she is adorable as always:)