impromptu beach trip

Wednesday evening we decided to take a trip to see the ocean at sunset. 

It was about 4:15 when we hopped in the car for the hour drive. Lo fell asleep 15 minutes in, which was great because we knew it would be a late night. We ate pizza and (the best darn) fresh-cut fries for dinner, then ventured off to the beach. 

The beach was perfection. The water was the nicest temperature and there was a soft breeze coming in off the water. There was a live band playing music on the boards behind us. We played in the sand, chased seagulls, watched the surfers, searched for treasure, and jumped the waves as they broke at our feet. After getting our pants wet from the(not-so-gentle)waves, I was wishing we had brought bathing suits. 

As the sun started to set, it got a little chilly-- not quite as chilly as Logan's outfit makes it seem (she doesn't understand the whole "let's bring a jacket just-in-case" yet) but, chilly enough for us to stay close and cozy. 

Lo finished her night with a soft serve chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, as we watched fireworks (the loudest and brightest) over the beach. 

It was the best time.

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