mama/baby beach day


Saturday we went to the shore, our favorite summer time adventure. Last year we had gifted my nephew a trip to the water park and shore for his birthday but unfortunately never made it before they closed for the season, as the weather got too cool too quick. This trip was already rescheduled once this summer due to inclement weather, so we made a last minute decision late friday night that we would go the next day. Scott and Beavs went to the park and Lo and I went to the beach. It was such a nice day with just enough sun and a sweet kind breeze. There was a sand bar which allowed for Lo to fully own the ocean and spend the day not wrestling waves. She spent most of the time in the water, digging in the sand (finding weird worm species,) and collecting shells. She met two little friends-- who were also rocking braids. They played for over an hour running in the water and jumping waves. They even taught her a few spanish words. It was such a neat experience for her, and she loved every minute of being one of the girls. She was so confident in herself and yet so inspired by the girls as she mocked their high pitched screams when the waves came at them. We had a great day that we ended like we usually do with pizza from our favorite shop and a chocolate with rainbow sprinkles treat for Lo, only this time we watched the brightest pink sunset sky I've ever seen.

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