resolute: firm, determined, unwavering

Twenty-Twelve was a great year, filled with a lot of love. As sad as I am to see it go, I am that happy to see what 2013 will bring.

A new year. A new hope.

I've never been big on resolutions. Let me rephrase that-- I've never been big on voicing my resolutions to others. I guess I always kind of saw it as a weakness to openly admit your shortcomings or admit to needing work in a particular area..or more. I did however, always keep an internal checklist of the things that I could improve. I just never labeled them "resolutions." 

Until last year that is. 

This time last year, Scott and I made a resolution together. Our resolution was "Honest 2012." This meant no lying-- not even to save the other person from feeling like a goof. So whenever we would say something that the other did not want to hear, we would follow it up with "Honest 2012." It really worked for us, and never got old. We still say it. In fact, we plan to carry it on to 2013 as well. I'm convinced that because we took on this resolution as a team, we had such great success. With that being said, we have planned to make a team resolution for 2013.

This years resolution= s t i c k to our budget, savesavesave, and plan better.  ANY advice is welcomed and greatly appreciated :]


  1. what a great thing! i think doing resolutions together always works better. hope you have an awesome year!

  2. what a cool idea to do a resolution together! we are really trying to stick to our budget better this year too!