elegant baby

Logan's baby blanket has been a favorite since the day she was born...actually, before she was born. It was the first thing I packed in my hospital bag. I think it's safe to say that I have a "thing" for blankets-- great blankets particularly. So when I came across this blanket from Elegant Baby, I just had to have it for my baby girl. We have even gifted Elegant Baby blankets, we like them that much.
What I liked most about this blanket aside from the quality was the size: 36x45. The perfect size for her to grow with-- quite perfect all around, actually. But lately, the blanket had begun fraying. It was constantly getting stuck on things and no matter how many times I trimmed the hanging strings, they would fray again. 

Consequently, the blanket's price matches the quality. Because of that I figured I'd try to contact the company. Why not, right? Worst case scenario, they say they can't help me out. But to my surprise, that was not the case. After an email back, I was told they would send out a new replacement blanket for Lo. They didn't have this exact blanket as it is a few years old now, but they offered to send out a similar one [of which I was able to choose of two.]

Today Lo's new blanket arrived, and it's so sweet.
She was very happy and super excited to try it out. This blanket is a little smaller in size than her first one, but it is still big enough to wrap around her, like she loves to do. I think it's safe to say she approves. A big thanks to Elegant Baby for being a wonderful company and for keeping your customers satisfied.