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So it's no secret that one of my favorite parts in raising tiny humans is introducing them to healthy natural organic foods. I feel that exposing them to the best forms of nourishment at an early age is key. It is also important to have guidance and support in doing so if you are unsure how, when, or why. I recently discovered a new platform for support with Happy FamilyThis platform allows families to feel supported during their infant feeding journey. For me, that first year was crucial when it came to feeing Adler. I knew I wanted to breastfeed, I knew that pumping was an option, I knew we would use glass bottles if so. But I did not know that after two short months my body would stop producing nourishment for my baby. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful support system surrounded by so many mama's with various experiences. There are many families out there who either lack external support or lack the confidence to seek help when they need it for fear of shame and embarrassment. I’ve partnered up with Happy Family to promote their new program aimed at providing support for all families regardless of feeding style. Their program has an option to live chat with lactation specialists and nutritionists-- who are moms too. They have long hours to live chat which is super convenient-- 8am to 8pm (EST) Monday through Friday. Their program includes information for breast feeding and formula feeding, and they support the idea that fed is best. I love documenting our feeding journal with the littlest babes. We are trying new things daily and as of right now, anything he's tried he's enjoyed. He is such a little foodie. It's the best! A few things he's eating include: cucumbers, berries, chicken, asparagus, peppers, spanish rice, mushrooms, olives, yogurt, hard boiled egg white, and cheese. But really, it's such a joy to be able to serve him anything. Logan was very similar during this phase of early eating and stayed pretty consistent, even now at age 7 she continues to eat lots of good things. Feeding baby is such an important task that we have as parents so it's great to have different tools to help us do the best we can. If you have a baby that eats ;) then go check out Happy Family's site. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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