adler turns one

My sweet Adler Gillis, I love you. From the moment we knew about you, we loved you so much. You were born quiet and chill, and I remember thinking how big you looked. You looked huge to me as I laid on the operating table eager to get my hands on you. You had a beautiful head of hair and I could hardly contain the quiet tears that filled my eyes. I wont forget the little sounds you made as you sucked on your little fist waiting for mama's milk. I was so excited for your big sister to come and meet you. I don't think anyone was more excited than her to have you here with us. She had wished for you for quite some time and her love for you has only grown deeper since. As a family we're still adjusting to this new dynamic as family of four. Life is full of adjustments and transitions, and we will always find ways to adapt and stay happy. You are the perfect addition to our family.  You have always been determined, strong, and wise. You are easy-going but you like routine. You are tough and yet so very tender. You are so well balanced. You are curious and kind. I hope these are traits that you will carry with you as you grow. Your favorites include your bed, bunny, and your pacifier. You try to grab all the things you should not have: phones, wipe packaging, keys, cords, tiny pieces, etc. We've tricked you (and scored cool parent points) by giving you things like: a cupcake pan, cardboard milk cartons, to-go coffee cups, large clam shell, among other things you 'think' you shouldn't have. You love watching your older cousins and I find it so incredibly cute that whenever someone laughs, you laugh like you too are in on the joke. You have been a self soother since day one, but every now and again I selfishly have you lay in my bed for a nap, and it is pretty much my favorite thing. I'm a firm believer in flexibility and adaptability in raising emotionally healthy children. Sometimes we'll stray from our everyday routine and you always handle it so well. People credit us for this, but I'm convinced it's all you. You have acquired various nicknames, but the most frequently used are: Viche', Harry, V, Addy, Grumpy Gil. I know it's cliche', but this year has flown by. I often wonder if I have taken advantage of our time together and truly soaked up enough of you, and I really hope I have...I feel we have. Happy Birthday, my little love. You are amazing and I am thankful everyday because of you.

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