may into june && current moddy vibes

^  Fortunately this depressing weather makes for a dreamy drive into work.
^  We're swimming anyway, sun or not.
^  First grade art projects are fantastic! I've captured a few photos of my favorites.
^  Ready for bed before the picnic ended. Sweetly sleeping in his stroller.
^  Memorial weekend is complete with sparklers.
^  A documented target trip where we stuck to the list and spent under $50. A rarity for us.
^  A painting outside of a Mexican restaurant we are set to try next month. 
    Also, those muted tones are perfection.
^  Backyard weather flag for the win.
^  Work window and fresh blooms.
^  A month plus overdue library book. Hoping to finish soon. 
    Still trying to manage time in reading to them and reading to myself.
^  Our in home latte machine is the best thing these days and 
    I'm already swaping out some hot brews with iced ones.

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