spring || lately..

We've been having the sweetest of times as we transition from winter into spring. We started the first day of spring with a some snowfall-- almost 4 inchs...just enough to disturb the peace on the roadways. Not having to go anywhere, we didn't mind a bit. We bundled up and went out back into the yard to explore. We don't often explore the backyard in the colder winter months, so it was nice to do so, and the snow just added to the experience. Though Logan envisioned a spring with bunnies and chicks and all things pink, yellow, and purple; she wasn't all that disappointed with one more snow day. We've had lunch in bed a few times because sometimes it's good to bend the rules a little. Spring cleaning is in full swing, with the mantra going that "less truly is more." We visited our duckling friends on the river and our favorite market with a playground. We started the Harry Potter series and are completely obsessed. Logan can't get enough of it. So far we are on the fourth one. She has a replica of Harry's wand and spends the day practicing her spells. We stopped by to check out the trains in Newhope and Logan was so impressed with how similar they were to the ones in the Harry Potter movie. She loved pretended they were the real deal. Our homeschool preschool is more informal these days as we venture out more and more. I have been so bad at documenting what we have been working on, and hope to improve. We are now working mostly on sight words in preparation for Kindergarten in September. Gah! Time, please slow down. Just a little. 

^ I've been using more of my phone than my camera lately for my photos and using Instagram, here, as my primary documenting tool. 

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