handmade gift || glass bead keychains

I'm a little behind with my posting, but I wanted to share/document Logan's handmade holiday gift that she gave out to some of the favorite women in her life this Christmas. She hand selected the beads for each keychain herself, and strung them too. It was bitter sweet for me to see her, so independent, crafting with little guidance. They came out so much better than we had anticipated.-- so much so that we kept two for ourselves. We did have a few setbacks with the string and durability. The night before Christmas eve, we were re-stringing them onto fishing wire. It later turned to be that fishing wire maybe wasn't the best option either as some have snapped, while others are staying put nicely. I think it all depends on the way their handled. Next time we make these we are going to use a more tough and  flexible, rubber base fishing line rather than the standard type. The beads are glass and beautiful in color. You can find the ones we used here. The hardest part was deciding which ones to use as they are all equally beautiful. These may be my favorite handmade gift yet. It will definitely be hard to top them next Christmas.

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